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Alongside designing for many years, the passion for painting has always been accompanied and present Throughout his design career. With broad inspiration from different disciplines and cultures.

The effects on creation are many and varied and combine the point Of view of both designer and an artist.


The passion of Sammy Nidam, is to create, make a statement and view things in a different perspective. The Process of painting each of his artworks is spiritual and has a sense of transcendence. His bold and dynamic Pieces take inspiration from the abstract and pop art movements. Featuring enigmatic female characters, the Viewer is instantly drawn to the juxtaposition of the old and new, colorful and monochrome, geometric pattern, Intricate detail, and contemporary beauties which capture and hold the viewers’ attention, also by developing a concealing method which allows him to reveal or
Hide layers and  create a new pattern, some intentional and some are unintentionally formed.

Sammy N  is an Israeli product designer and a multidisciplinary artist who has a lifelong passion in painting. Graduated from HAC Jerusalem with a degree in design. For the next two decades after graduation, he pursued his career in product design as the owner of a well-known Israeli design business that caters to both Israeli and international clients for retail design and product development. In recent years, he has made the decision to pursue his true passion which is modern and contemporary painting


Solo Exhibition

2019  - "Identity Echos" , Goshen art gallery , Singapore.

2022 -   "Ambivalence"   Rivercity , Bangkok.


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In the digital era of today, many people use smartphones and social media for myriad activities. Content such as posts, fan comments, number of likes and followers, including the selfie phenomenon provides a different interpretation of beauty, sexiness, attractiveness and appropriation. This might lead to false self-esteem, particularly among young users.

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