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Sammy Nidam Design Studio was established in 1998.

The Studio specializes in retail design, lighting, product design, clean rooms design and patent inventions.

The studio is well known in the Israeli retail space designing market And is now located in Singapore.
We walk our clients through the design process, starting with helping the client form a strategy or an idea, and ending in applying it into the design of the space or the sell point, by using a variety of design methods and creative solutions.

Creativity relies on a constant search for diverse sources of inspiration that will lead to innovation and Inventive formal combining different materials as part of the design methodology, start from research process,
Concept, sketches, computer simulations, materials and technologies of production.
Dialogue with the client and aspiration for excellence as part of the process to get outstanding results.

The studio provides various products and marketing solutions to some of the largest global companies .


We provide production and accompaniment services for all projects, installation and implementation in the retail space.
Among our clients: Coca  Cola, Intel, Hot (Israeli leading communication company), Hugla- Kimberly Clark, Elite - Strauss - Group,Estee lauder and more.


The studio also designed and developed stand-alone products such as self-assembly lampshades series with a unique patented for Fast and easy assembly and which are sold in Europe and Israel.

עיצוב תעשייתי נקודת מכירה וסטנדים, lighting
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